This article can be used as a step-by-step guide to getting started with AMG. There will be links to several other articles in the Getting Started section of our knowledge base. If you are struggling with getting started or do not wish to take the time to read these articles, we strongly recommend the one-time setup and training for our new customers. This can be purchased here.


If you have not yet purchased the software you can download and install a 10 hour demo. Follow this guide to get started with that.


To get started with the AMG Client/Server you will first need to install the system. You should have a flash drive or a download link for the software. Please make sure that your system meets the minimum requirements. You can install the server and client on the same computer, though typically it is best to install the AMG server on a separate server computer, then install the client on whichever workstations you wish to use the software from.



  1. Install the server
  2. Install the client
After you have installed the software, you will be prompted to log in and register. Enter the software serial number that you were provided and choose automatic registration. Once you register, you will be prompted to add demo data. If this is your live account, choose NO. Then follow these steps to setup the software and hardware.
  1. Configuration Wizard
  2. Import Employees
  3. Scheduling Shifts
  4. Home Screen Widgets
  5. Adding Devices
  6. Setup Autoprocesses
Now you should be set up and ready to use the software. Here are some basic guides to get started using the software.
Using the software:
  1. Using the Timecard
  2. Run a Report
  3. Running Payroll
This guide should cover the basics for you to be able to use the software. There are many other features of the software to learn, and many other knowledge base articles you can read. If you still need further assistance and you have an active support agreement, you can contact our tech support.