Biometric Fingerprint Reader Time Clocks

A biometric fingerprint reader time clock is a reliable, accurate way to keep track of employee attendance, and you’ll find a wide selection of devices at AMGtime. These innovative machines use your employees’ unique fingerprints to identify them. The fingerprints are converted into templates, and it is these templates — not your employees’ actual fingerprints — that are stored in the database. When your employees clock in and clock out, they simply need to place their fingers in the reader to confirm their identity.

A smart way to combat time theft and so-called buddy punching (when employees sign in and out for each other), a fingerprint reader time clock makes it easy for your employees to punch in and out every time they go to work, and easy for you to keep track of their timekeeping and attendance records. Browse our wide range of biometric fingerprint terminals, kiosks and packages, including portable readers, to find the solution that best fits your business.

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What Are the Advantages of Fingerprint Time Attendance Software?

Fingerprint time attendance software has many benefits, both for staff clocking in and out of work and for managers tasked with monitoring attendance.

Fingerprint readers are quick and easy for employees to use. Instead of having to punch in manually, employees simply touch the reader, using their unique fingerprints to verify their identity. The fingerprint time attendance software saves their fingerprints as an algorithm, so the print itself is not stored in the database. Not only does this streamline the process of reporting for work, it also eliminates the need for staff ID cards, which can easily be stolen or lost.

Fingerprint reader time clock in software has a host of benefits for your business, too. Kiosks and terminals that are compatible with your HR systems bring advantages that you can see immediately. Not only do you have up-to-the-minute attendance and timekeeping reports at your fingertips, but you can also harness the various software features to help you schedule complex shifts based on your chosen parameters; ensure compliance with break legislation; manage sick pay, vacations, and even jury service; ring a bell to signal the beginning and end of a specific work period; and import reports directly into your payroll systems.

How Can Biometric Fingerprint Employee Time Clocks Cut Labor Costs?

Are you looking for a way to manage your employee attendance more efficiently, and cut your labor costs? Fingerprint employee time clocks can help you do just that. These terminals identify your employees by their fingerprint templates, potentially saving you the cost of producing and managing employee ID cards (although many of these machines, of course, offer an RFID module too).

Finally, fingerprint clock in can help you cut labor costs by reducing the risk of the twin problems of buddy punching and time theft. Because these terminals identify people using templates based on their unique fingerprints, it becomes impossible for staff to swap ID cards or punch in for someone else’s shifts. By accurately tracking employee timekeeping and attendance using this innovative technology, you’ll be well on the way to making savings.

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