Time And Attendance For Medical Industry

Spend your time providing care for patients instead of pulling together cumbersome administrative reports

Doctors, nurses, hygienists – your time is valuable and at AMGtime, we want to make sure you do not worry about administrative tasks such as employee time and attendance tracking. You can simply use our time and attendance system and biometric devices such as fingerprint readers or face recognition systems. If you are working in a sterile environment or constantly have gloves on - our facial recognition system is a great solution. Employees can clock in by simply standing in front of the device. Transactions can then automatically transfer to our AMGtime Web Solution, where an administrator can easily manage their workforce right from their station.

The system allows you to set each of your employees to be part of a larger group (e.g. doctors, registered nurses, etc.) and assign company policies per group, making it easy to manage their unique shifts, pay policies and benefits. With a one-time set up, you can get all your time and attendance reports easily, and even have them automatically sent your inbox. Want to see who is late? Want to see who missed a punch? With AMGtime, we made it easy for management to track their employees' attendance.

With biometric devices, a comprehensive time and attendance system, and solutions that automate daily reports, AMGtime is ready to control your costs as related to employee management and government required controls and reporting.

Time Attendance for Medical Office