Time And Attendance For Staffing Agencies

With AMGtime, managers can spend more time finding clients and growing their business, instead of worrying about time and attendance

Out of all industries, staffing agencies best understand the need of a time and attendance system that is easy to set up, can handle all the different companies they staff, while not being overwhelming for the client. Fortunately, AMGtime has built out several solutions for Staffing Agencies. These solutions are designed to help agencies manage their clients and workforce much more efficiently.

The Staffing Agency Module

The Staffing Agency Module is the most popular solution. This module can be added on to any Advanced or Premier package and is extremely easy to use. With this solution, staffing agencies can see employees’ worked hours based on different clients, jobs, or locations. Agencies can manage the different pay rates for employees and bill rates for clients. The Staffing Agency module also includes two important reports, the Wage Summary Report and Job Costing for Staffing.

The Wage/Bill Rate Summary Report highlights what needs to be billed for an employees’ time. This report displays how many hours employees worked in which locations, jobs, and departments, at what bill rate. It also shows the total pay by employee and group, as well as the grand totals. The Job Costing for Staffing report gives insight into how many hours a certain employee has worked in a division, job and/or department with the corresponding bill rates and pay rates.

Time Attendance for Staffing Agency

Another great feature of this module is the ability to assign divisions or locations to the employees for different dates so that they can seamlessly transfer from one client to the next. Lastly, this module provides a detailed schedule import template. The user fills out the provided spreadsheet template with necessary information such as the employee’s pay rate, status, badge number, what client the job is for, department information, and bill rate, ensuring easy and accurate data import.

Biometric Hardware

Our hardware makes it incredibly easy for staffing agencies to collect accurate time and attendance data across different clients. Fingerprint, facial recognition, pin/password, proximity card, and HandPunch are available as data capture options. DHCP can be included with fingerprint devices allowing staffing agencies to access their employee’s hourly and attendance data without needing access to their client’s network. Staffing Agencies also have the unique opportunity to rent devices as well as purchase. Hardware Rental Program

Badge Repository

The Badge Repository feature enables the user to store all badge related data including capture methods though card, fingerprint, password, hand, and face from all connected devices and provides the ability for staffing agencies to manually or automatically transfer and/or delete select employee identification methods/templates between devices across different locations. Therefore, managers at client locations will not be required to enroll employees. With this feature, staffing agencies can enroll employees on the home device and then transfer templates into devices across various client locations.


Another unique feature to staffing agencies is that at the end of every monthly billing cycle the system determines which employees have transacted vs which ones have not, ensuring staffing agencies are refunded for employees with no transactions. Staffing agencies won’t have to worry about manually deactivating employees from the system.

Other Features

Our software is perfectly designed to fit even the most complex staffing labor management needs. Several features included in the Advanced and Premier packages such as job & department costing, multiple organizational levels (to set up separate headquarters for different clients), the ability to assign varying access levels to specified managers at each client location, and more, make us extremely popular amongst staffing agencies.