Serial Reset Form

Note: All Fields marked with an * are required.

Please complete and submit this form to place request for a new AMG software serial number.

  1. You only require a new serial number if You need to re-install AMG software server to a new computer or server.
  2. You need to specify your current AMG serial number to be able to request a serial number replacement.
  3. To re-install AMG server on the same computer / server, please do not place request to reset AMG serial number, please activate software using current AMG software.
  4. If you have never submitted a serial number reset request within 1 year, you will receive new software serial number within 1 business day.

We will provide 1 free serial number reset within 1 year period. If you have placed request to reset your serial number within 1 year, an administration fee $ 45.00, may apply.
For any question regarding AMG serial number and activation please contact AMG