Proximity Card Reader Time Clocks

An RFID proximity card reader time clock extends the functionality of your attendance tracking device. It’s a popular feature, and most of our biometric devices offer it as an option. When you choose a fingerprint reader, a facial recognition system or a hand reader, you’ll often find proximity card reader technology included as an additional feature, giving you and your employees even more flexibility in how you manage their time. Here at AMGtime, we offer a comprehensive range of RFID-reading devices to give you plenty of choices.

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A proximity badge reader time clock verifies an employee’s identity simply by reading their RFID card — this could be their employee ID card, or even a badge with RFID technology pinned to their clothing. All the employee needs to do is pass by the device so that their ID card is within a couple of inches of the reader, making it a quick and easy process to use an HID card reader to clock in and clock out. It’s an efficient time saver, as well as being a hygienic option: When your workforce uses a badge reader for punching in and out, it means they can log their attendance without having to touch the same button or device.