Recently I bought AMG Proximity Attendance System I really like it is so easy to use and even the employees like it too no more waiting in line to punch out from work with time cards the employees just wave there card to the device and instantly clocks them in or out from their lunch or breaks I really recommend it.

Willmer Collins, Des Moines Iowa

After years of dealing with inaccuracies and inefficiencies due to manual workforce tracking, our company made the decision to transition to an automated labor management solution.  Manual processes had always burdened my team.  The staff had to manually calculate and enter very large amounts of data with many errors.  Finally I made the decision to look for a solution to this problem.  We are a health care provider, and we needed a solution that would handle many transactions a day, recording the employee’s ins/outs and keeping track of all this for payroll and HR  purposes.  After many attempts and several product demos, we selected AMG Employee Management due to their product line and  custom software plug-ins.  For our business we selected the AMG Biometric Facial time clock bundled with the AMG  Employee Attendance Software.  The two coupled together offers customers a power resource in workforce  management.  My team is now experiencing drastic improvements in operational efficiencies and reduced payroll- processing times.  Highly recommend working with AMG Employee Management.

Willard Mills, Bismarck North Dakota
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