San Antonio Winery Case Study


In 1917, Santo Cambianica, an Italian man from the northern Italy province of Lombardy, immigrated to Los Angeles and became a railroad worker and started the winery at its current location in Lincoln Heights district of Los Angeles. Hoping for good luck, he dedicated the winery to Saint Anthony of Padua (in Italian: San Antonio) by naming it as such. When Prohibition was enacted in 1920, Cambianica asked for permission from the Catholic Church to continue operating his winery for communion wine. They also sold grapes to home wine makers. The winery uses grapes from the 500-acre Riboli family farm in Monterey, a smaller Napa Valley vineyard, and contracts with other Californian growers. Being passed down for four generations, Los Angeles’ Cultural Heritage Board designated the winery Cultural Monument Number 42 in 1960.

The Challenge

It hasn’t always been peaches and grapes when it comes to keeping track of employee’s time and attendance. One major hassle for San Antonio Winery was ensuring employee’s time was accurate. The winery was using the punch card system to keep track of employees. One issue was having an inventory of timecardson hand, “what happens on Monday morning when people come in and you’re out of timecards?” he says. Another issue that would cause confusion was the system running out of ink and would make it difficult to make out the time on timecards. When you talk about manual entry, you encounter a very problematic issue amongst employees, buddy punching. When you have the punch card system at a workplace it is very common for employees to punch in for other employees who are not physically present leading to the business losing money.

The Solution

“With the AMGtime system, we eliminate all that” he says.” “My favorite feature about the AMGtime system is that when I sit down at the beginning of the week, I can run punch reports on individuals because it helps me to manage attendance and timeliness”. With the old punch system, administrators would not be able to pull reports, but with AMGtime’s system you can pull each report by individual and by department and analyze any trends occurring. “My favorite thing about the system is the ease of data, the ability to review data without having to search for it.”