AMGtime and QuickBooks Integration

AMGtime and QuickBooks Integration

AMGtime offers a seamless two-way integration with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Enterprise. Users can automatically sync time, attendance and employee data for payroll and billing. Gone are the hours spent manually importing or updating employee data and time worked!

Simply set up all the elements you’d like to match between QB and AMGtime. Aside from syncing Company Information with Current Headquarters, you can also map Customers (Divisions), Items (Departments), and/or Classes (Jobs). All designed to make your life easier!

AMGtime also offers seamless API integrations with other payroll and HCM software, including Xero, CloudPayroll, Paychex and more. QuickBooks customers can find AMGtime on the QuickBooks App Store.

To learn more, read our press release HERE.

Check out all our Payroll & HR Integrations:


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Transform Your HandPunch Into a Wireless & Real-time Device

AMGtime Wireless & Real-time HandPunches

AMGtime recently developed an add-on solution that will transform your standard Schlage HandPunch device into a smart device. Your HandPunch will transform into a wireless and real-time capable device, making workforce management much easier. Anyone can upgrade their device with just a small incremental fee.

This add-on will be a life-saver! Every transaction made by employees will be synchronized and displayed in real-time, allowing the option to view updated time cards as well as regular and overtime hours. Transactions will be collected even if internet connectivity is lost. Once reconnected to the internet, all saved transactions on the device will be transferred to the AMGtime software. None of your data will ever be lost again!

Adding this solution to your HandPunch is quick and easy. This update will connect your HandPunch device to any smartphone, tablet, or computer without the need for additional equipment. If you want to connect to the internet, you simply turn on your HandPunch and press WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) on your router then you are connected.

Another benefit of this feature is the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) support. This is ideal for companies (like Staffing Agencies) that need to lend devices to their clients. The Staffing Agency will be able to access the device through any Windows-based computer when connected to an Ethernet port. There is no need to bother clients for their IP address!

For more information regarding this new feature, please contact us at or call us (800)960-3735.

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Introducing AMGtime’s newest module, GPS Workforce Tracking

AMGtime just released their newest module – GPS Workforce Tracking. The GPS Workforce Tracking module allows for tracking employees’ location during work hours, by using their AMGtime mobile app on Android or iOS. This process starts from the time an employee clocks in and stops when they clock out. All transactions are sent directly to the database, where it can be viewed on an easy-to-read Google map by supervisors and managers.

With the GPS Workforce Tracking module, supervisors see accurate data of employee movement when looking at the map. The app will report the correct route and movement of the employee during a designated time interval. This helps management ensure employees are exactly where they need to be, when they need to be. Regardless if you are looking to track traveling employees, such as drivers, on their designated routes, or make sure employees are staying within a specific area during working hours, this add-on will be the perfect solution.

AMGtime provides easy to use and flexible time and attendance products and services, including software available on both the cloud and PC, top of the line biometric hardware, mobile applications, specialized industry solutions, and much more. AMGtime’s solutions are customizable and adaptable for basic to complex configurations, simple to implement, and inexpensive, providing organizations with the highest level of efficiency and ROI.

Learn more about AMGtime’s mobile solutions and the new GPS Workforce Tracking module on their website:


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Change of Date for LA City Vendor Fair

UPDATE: AMGtime recently published a press release announcing their attendance at the Los Angeles City Vendor Fair, however the date of the event has since been changed. Due to scheduling issues, the Los Angeles Vendor Fair has been moved to May 16, 2017 from 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM at City Hall South Plaza and Triforium (111 East First Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012). Hope to see everyone there!


Read more about the event here:


Stay tuned for more information:



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Affordable Care Act Update

UPDATE: On March 24th, the American Health Care Act was pulled by Republicans. House Committee Chairman Rodney Frelinghuysen announced that the health care bill is unacceptable and that some changes “raised serious coverage and cost issues.” Many Republicans were on the fence about the legislation of AHCA since they like policies in the ACA better. This means that the Affordable Care Act is here to stay for now unless a stronger and better legislation comes along in the future. With the same policies and rules, compliance with the ACA should be met by employers and employees.

The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare provides millions of people with health coverage and it holds insurance companies accountable. However, the ACA has been on the rocks since the change of administration, with plans to replace the ACA.

In regards to the recent proposals to appeal the ACA, many Americans are concerned with the future of their healthcare coverage. Obamacare has provided options for low-income families and employees, that would typically not be able to access healthcare coverage. Although ACA can be beneficial, it is also a disadvantage for people who are required to pay for it but do not utilize it. Obamacare penalizes people who do not pay for insurance which means they are required to have health insurance, but if this legislation is repealed then individuals can choose to acquire a health plan or not.

Employers will appreciate some aspects of the new legislation, American Health Care Act (AHCA), such as the elimination of penalties for employers not offering insurance to full-time employees. The AHCA maintains certain ACA coverage, but with varying criteria needed to be met. Some of these include eliminating exclusions for pre-existing conditions, covering adult dependent children 26 and under, limiting out-of-pocket expenses, and more.

As of right now, the new administration and Republicans in the House and Senate are cooperating to modify or repeal the ACA, but everything is still up in the air. In the meantime, the Affordable Care Act still applies to everyone. At AMGtime, we know how important it is to track and be complying of the ACA, therefore we have created the ACA Compliance module that calculates hours needed to meet the requirements for compliant health insurance. This module keeps companies on track so they will not be charged for not offering health coverage or not meeting the minimum value.

Learn more about our ACA Compliance module:



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Why You Should Care About Turnover Cost



Turnover costs of employees depend on the complexity of the job. The more complex the job is the higher the turnover cost for the company. It is important to understand what contributes to turnover costs and how to reduce them.

Less Productive Staff

High turnover costs come with a less productive staff. The staff is down one person due to the position being empty. This means that the work that they were doing is either not being done or having to be dispersed among other employees. More than likely, the most important tasks will get done but the smaller or little tasks will fall through. Employees taking on the responsibilities from the vacant position could become stressed. As a result of this stress, the quality of their work will go down.

Replacement Expenses

Replacing an employee that left the company is costly. For example, posting job advertisements in the right places to attract the right kind of employee can be expensive. Interview processes themselves are lengthy when companies take the time to ask the right questions in order to compare and contrast each candidate. Usually the interviewers are leaders of the company which means they will be taking time out of their workday to conduct the interviews. So, altogether company’s valuable staff members are spending more time trying to fill the position vs. implementing other value added activities.

Training Costs

You have picked that perfect employee and they accepted the position. The turnover costs still continue to accumulate at this stage. New hires are not going to be as productive as that seasoned employee that left. It will take a lot of time for them to get a handle on everything. Experts, such as Josh Bersin, state that it can sometimes take a new hire two entire years to equal the productivity of an existing employee.

On-boarding an employee can be one of the most expensive costs when replacing a former worker. Teaching the new hire about the company structure, processes, equipment, expectations, and maybe even complicated software takes a large amount of time. In addition, employees who currently work for the company are the ones that are usually conducting the training sessions. This cuts down on their work day to complete their daily tasks and can lead to less productivity.

5 Tips to Reducing Turnover Costs

  1. Ensure that the candidate taking the available position is a good fit for the company’s culture during the interview stage. It is vital that you pick the right candidate from the start.
  2. Encourage and praise new hires for their good work. This will increase their confidence in their new position.
  3. Keep the environment positive. Most employees will stick around if they feel the environment is fun and happy.
  4. New hires want to know about career paths. Communicate how they could grow with the company and have check-ins to discuss their strengths and their weaknesses.
  5. Offering the correct benefits and compensation is also a way to reduce turnover rates. Maybe include flexible hours or additional ways to earn bonuses.



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3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Time and Attendance System


How does your company track time and attendance? When was the last time your time and attendance system was updated? New technology has made paper time sheets and manually entering in employee’s hours into the computer outdated. Updating this process comes with many advantages, but I will discuss 3 today.


  1. Reducing Labor Costs

With an old system, companies need to pay an employee to manually input all of the time that was recorded either on time sheets or time cards. This adds to labor costs in various ways: a)  a company has to pay for employees to specifically do this task; b) human error can never be 100% averted in such cases; c) company is not taking advantage of automated federal labor laws that can reduce costs such as rounding for example. By moving to the most up-to-date time and attendance system these factors are fully eliminated. Innovative time and attendance systems all have integration with payroll systems saving time for the company’s payroll department and increasing their productivity and efficiency. Click here to use the Cost Savings Calculator and see how much your company can save on labor costs by upgrading to the latest time and attendance system.  

  1. A Fair Cultureface reader

It important to have a reliable time and attendance system in place to ensure employees are being paid what they deserve. We always recommend to use biometric time and attendance hardware such as fingerprinting, face recognition, and or hand punches. Having biometric technology avoids buddy punching which may be a result of peer pressure at work. Not only does each employee get paid exactly what they worked for but there will be a fairer culture throughout the company avoiding any peer pressure.

  1. Abiding Labor Laws

Using the correct hardware and software can help keep a business in line with labor laws. For example, overtime law change. The Federal Labor Standards Act is updating the threshold to be considered exempt from overtime to $47,476 from $23,600 on December 1, 2016. Having the correct time and attendance technology in place can aid employers pinpoint which employees will be affected by this new regulation. Labor laws are always changing and having the correct technology will help business owners adapt quicker to the new environment.

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FLSA Overtime Law Change Will Increase Labor Costs



On May 18, 2016, the Department of Labor amended the Fair Labor Standards Act regarding worker’s overtime pay. Starting December 1, 2016 the threshold to be considered exempt from overtime pay will increase from $23,600 ($455 per week) to $47,476 ($913 per week). The threshold change will affect about 4 million workers across the country as their status converts from exempt to non-exempt. In addition, the threshold will continue to update to the 40th percentile of salaried workers every three years after the initial change. It is important for employers to understand the steps to take and solutions available in order to strategically prepare for the change coming in December of this year.


Steps to Prepare


There are a few simple steps that employers can take in order to make the change quick, easy and stress free.

  1. Pinpoint salaried employees making less than the new threshold of $47,476
  2. Calculate the average number of hours each of these workers work in a week
  3. Note the employees working more than an average of 40 hours a week; these will be the employees affected
  4. Using each affected employee’s salary and average hours worked, calculate their hourly rate


Formula for Hourly Rates (Salary / 52 weeks) / Hours Worked per Week
Example Employee A works on average 47 hours a week and earns a salary of $35,000. Employee A’s hourly rate is ($35,000/52)/47 = $14.32


  1. Based upon hourly rate received above, calculate the new compensation for Employee A


Formula for Annual Income under New Regulation ((Hourly Rate x 40 Hours) + (Overtime Rate x Overtime Hours per Week)) x 52 weeks
Example New compensation for Employee A is (($14.32 x 40) + ($21.48 x 7)) x 52 = $37604.32


Starting December 1st, 2016, Employee A will be a nonexempt employee and will be making $37,604.32. This is $2,604.32 more than the employee is currently making. There are solutions an employer can take to avoid this increase. It is important to analyze each option strategically, as well as find the most accurate time tracking assistance in order to reduce labor costs.



Solution 1


Increase salaries above the threshold of $47,476. Great solution if all your impacted employees are close to the threshold, and might earn more than $47,476 with overtime.


Solution 2


Convert employees with salaries under the new threshold to hourly wages and do not allow them to work overtime.

If as an employer, you can monitor and control overtime, this is a good option.

Solution 3 Do not change employees’ salaries under the new threshold and pay the overtime rate.

If employers are comfortable with the additional labor costs, employees will receive the added compensation.

How AMGtime Can Help

Track and monitor hours of salaried employeesRun reports and find patterns on how salaried employees workControl overtime with an easy dashboard

  • Track and monitor hours of salaried employers
  • Run reports and find patterns on how salaried employees work
  • Control overtime with an easy dashboard
  • Click here to contact AMGtime to find the perfect solution for you!



Division, W. a. (2016). Final Rule: Overtime. Retrieved from

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AMGtime Invites All to Stall Number 66212 at the Sourcing at Magic Show

Today it’s time for the Sourcing at Magic Show, a unique event that connects the world’s leading and emerging fashion brands with different product/service providers that can help them stand apart from the competition. The Las Vegas Convention Center will be the cynosure of the fashion industry throughout the duration of the show between February 15th and 18th. The attendees at this ultimate fashion industry trade show will showcase the best of their next season’s collections. Sourcing at Magic Show can also be a great place for the businesses to find out manufacturers, materials, technology products, talent, and logistics solutions that may help them reach the next level.

The Sourcing at Magic Show 2016 is expected to be a huge event with participants from no less than forty countries. Considering the magnitude of the event, it is important for all attendees to have a plan of action. The complete list of exhibitors and daily schedule are available at the website of Sourcing at Magic. Make your own plan for all the days and always be prepared for any sourcing or business opportunities that may arrive suddenly.

This year, AMGtime has partnered with Sourcing at Magic to be a part of this show. We take pride in informing you that our time attendance software, products, and services have helped numerous fashion houses manage their workforce with extraordinary efficiency. Operating for the last twenty years, we are also the market’s most affordable time management solution provider.

During the Sourcing at Magic Show, one of our highlights is the just launched Version 2.0 of our ARKO PieceWork System. ARKO PieceWork System can be implemented at the production level, and can seamlessly integrate with AMGtime. As a result, the users receive complete and unrestricted visibility of employee productivity and attendance.

Those of you visiting the Sourcing at Magic Show 2016 are most cordially invited to take a moment to visit us at Booth Number 66212. All products of AMGtime will be on display here throughout the show. Our company representatives will be at your service, in case you are looking for ways to manage your employee attendance.

Hope you enjoyed going through this short article and see you at the Las Vegas Convention Center during the show.

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Why Nursing Homes Need to Hurry and Implement a Time and Attendance System with PBJ Export Feature?

According to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) under Section 6106, it is necessary for all nursing homes to submit the staffing, agency, and contract staff information through an electronic filing system. This requirement has led Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to develop a new system called the Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) to assist the facilities in filing the necessary reports.

As of July 1, 2016 nursing homes will be required to use PBJ and file staff and census reports regularly.

How Will CMS Use the Data?

CMS will use the data collected through the system to evaluate employee tenure, turnover, and the number of staff in each nursing home of the country.

PBJ will enable CMS to collect census and staffing information on a regular and routine basis. In addition to this, all collected data will be audit to increase accuracy. CMS will gather and release the information to the public, giving them the opportunity to choose a nursing home best suited for their needs.

How Can Nursing Homes Register with CMS?

Submission of necessary reports through PBJ will be accessed through the Quality Improvement & Evaluation System (QIES). Registration for the PBJ system through QIES began in August 2015. If you would like to learn more information about how to register, please visit CMSnet by clicking here. Even though some nursing homes may find the entire process time consuming, they can decrease the time it takes to submit the required information to CMS by opting for a time and attendance system, featuring the PBJ export feature.

 Where Can Nursing Homes Get a Time and Attendance System?

AMGtime’s time and attendance system features a PBJ export feature to permit nursing homes to submit data to CMS conveniently. Nursing facilities can contact us if they require more information on our system and its features.

You can request to schedule a free demo by clicking here.

You can request a quote by clicking here.

Or you can simply call us at 1 800 960 3735.

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