If you want to add a large group of employees, see our article on importing employees. To manually add an employee go to Employees - Employees and click the Add button in the bottom right.

Adding an Employee Image 1
If you have existing employees, it will ask if you want to copy information from another employee. If you select Yes, you will be shown a screen to select an existing employee to copy and what information to copy. You can also check the Use as a Template box to use the employee info as a template.

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Click Ok and you will be taken to the Employee Entry Wizard. Click Next to start. On the first page, there are a series of required fields that have a pink background. 

Step 1

  • Code and Badge - For more info on codes and badges see this article.
  • Headquarters, Division, and Group - For more info on the difference between these, see this article.
  • First and Last Name - make sure you match the name exactly with what is in your payroll for programs like QuickBooks that do not use an employee code.
  • Status - For more on an employee status, see this article. This may have already been copied if you choose to copy from an existing employee.
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After adding the required fields and any desired optional fields, click Next.

Step 2

Step 2 has optional contact info and custom fields for the employee. All information is optional.

Adding an Employee Image 4

Step 3

Step 3 is optional as well, and lets you add files from your computer to this specific employee.

 Adding an Employee Image 5

Step 4

In this step you will add the employee's schedule. You need to add some information to the schedule to proceed to the next step. If you have copied info or if you have set a default schedule, this will already be filled. For more info on scheduling shifts for employees, see this article.


Adding an Employee Image 6


Step 5

If you want to track benefit hours for employees you can add them here. If you have the benefit module on your account, you can also assign an automatic rule for accruing benefit hours, as well as mandatory paid sick leave. For more on benefits, see this article.


Adding an Employee Image 7


Step 6

If you have enabled wages in the system, then you will need to add a wage for the employee as part of step 6. For more on wages, see this article.

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Step 7

If you have the ACA Compliance module, step 7 will have you enter the relevant info for the employee's coverage.


Adding an Employee Image 9


Step 8

In the final step, step 8, you will configure the employee's access.

  • Show in Web Clock - checking this box and entering a numeric password will allow the employee to clock in on a computer with their badge and password.
  • Badge Repository - If you have this module on your account, you can enter a password or card number here and it will sync to any applicable devices
  • Employee Login - For more on this section, see this article.

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Click Finish and your employee will be added!