Wages in AMG can be assigned to employees and used to calculate employees' total pay. Wages must be enabled in Tools - General Settings - Wages. Note: If wages are enabled, when you add a new employee, you are required to add a wage.


In the software to add or edit wages go to Definitions - Wages. This window shows you a list of employees and the wages for each employee. Add or Edit Wages Image 1
Add or Edit Wages Image 2
Click Add or Edit and you will be presented with a new window to choose the wage type (hourly, salary, calculated salary), starting date, and amount. If you have chosen salary or calculated salary you can also set the period.

Add or Edit Wages Image 3

If you have the Job/Department Costing Module, you can assign different wages for different jobs or departments. If you having the Staffing Agency module you can also set bill rates.