Time And Attendance For Convenience Stores

These AMGtime solutions will ensure your convenience store’s employee hours are always accurately recorded and efficiently scheduled.

Convenience store owners must deal with a lot of moving pieces, maintaining compliancy, making sure employee schedules don’t overlap, printing out daily and/or weekly schedules, adjusting for last minute changes, and more. Understanding the need for efficiency and simplicity, AMGtime has built out several solutions.

Advanced Workforce Scheduling Module

AMGtime’s Advanced Workforce Scheduling module helps companies manage employee schedules in a flexible and efficient manner. With this solution, convenience stores can ensure shifts are covered, reducing overtime and avoiding coverage gaps.

Workforce Scheduling smartly schedules shifts based on parameters set by the employer and preferences set by or for the employee. Managers can use this solution to auto-schedule employees by specifying a ranking system that includes job requirements (certificates, skills, and training), wages, seniority, and hours already worked.

Time Attendance for convenience stores

The solution automatically selects the best candidates for open shifts based on these specific qualifications. If allowed, employees can define which days and times are preferable, neutral, or unavailable., which will also assist the system in choosing the best candidate for each shift.

With approval, employees can drop their assigned shifts, pick up open shifts, or swap shifts with colleagues of the same qualifications through web or mobile. Managers can view requests and approve changes online. Notifications will be sent to managers and employees for all changes and modifications. All transactions are collected on a customized dashboard that managers monitor as well as directly approve, deny or edit changes.

The Daily Scheduler

The Advanced Workforce Scheduling module offers daily, weekly, and monthly schedulers. The daily scheduler gives a complete overview of all employees scheduled for the day. Managers can easily drag to adjust shift start and end times, lunches, or breaks per employee in one screen. The schedule can be printed directly from this screen.

Hardware/Data capture

Our hardware makes it incredibly easy for convenience stores to collect accurate time and attendance data. Fingerprint, facial recognition, pin/password, proximity card, and HandPunch are available as data capture options.