Convenience Store Employee Management Advanced

  • Biomertric Swipe and Go Useing Facial or Fingerprint Recognition
  • Workforce Scheduling and Time and Attendance with Easy Shift Management
  • Each terminal can hold up to 200 employees face and 1000 fingerprint templates

Manage employee schedules in a flexible and efficient manner. With this solution, convenience stores can ensure shifts are covered, reducing overtime and avoiding coverage gaps.

Workforce Scheduling smartly schedules shifts based on parameters set by the employer and preferences set by or for the employee. Managers can use this solution to auto-schedule employees by specifying a ranking system that includes job requirements (certificates, skills, and training), wages, seniority, and hours already worked.
It automatically selects the best matching candidates for open shifts based on these specific qualifications. If allowed, employees can define which days and times are preferable, neutral, or unavailable., which will also assist the system in choosing the best candidate for each shift.

With approval, employees can drop their assigned shifts, pick up open shifts, or swap shifts with colleagues of the same qualifications through web or mobile. Managers can view requests and approve changes online. Notifications will be sent to managers and employees for all changes and modifications. All transactions are collected on a customized dashboard that managers monitor as well as directly approve, deny or edit changes.

Also offers daily, weekly, and monthly schedulers. The daily scheduler gives a complete overview of all employees scheduled for the day. Managers can easily drag to adjust shift start and end times, lunches, or breaks per employee in one screen. The schedule can be printed directly from this screen.

FR1000 Face, Fingerprint Biometric Recognition Technology | WIFI

AMG FR-1000 Biometric Facial Recognition System

AMG Face Recognition Technology,  biometric time clock (FR-1000) combines state of the art biometric technology with secure, reliable data management.

A complete time and attendance system, the FR-1000, instantly identifies employees and allows for a touch less hygienic alternative to fingerprint readers while still eliminating buddy punching.

Here are some of the Face Recognition Technology benefits:

  • Identification modes include facial recognition, fingerprint, proximity card/FOB and/PIN w/password.
  • Elegant ergonomic design.
  • Ethernet and WiFi communication.
  • 6 User-defined function keys.

FR1000 Face, Fingerprint Biometric Recognition Technology | WIFI

Features of AMG Face Recognition Technology:

  • User Management
  • Enroll, Delete and Edit Users
  • Communication Settings
  • Set IP Address, Subnet Mask and Gateway
  • Data Management i.e. clear logs, users etc.
  • Set function keys
  • Set Display Options
  • Set /date abd /tune
  • USB Drive Data Management
  • Upload and Download Data to USB Drive
  • Test the Hardware
  • View Records
  • System Info

FR1000 Face, Fingerprint Biometric Recognition Technology | WIFI

Specifications of AMG Face Recognition Technology:

  • Maximum Face Employee Capacity: 200 Employees (per time clock)
  • Maximum Fingerprint Employee Capacity: 1000 Employees (per time clock)
  • Maximum Card Capacity: 10,000 Employees (per time clock)
  • Verification Method: Facial recognition, fingerprint sensor, badge and PIN
  • Verification Time: Less than 1 second
  • Confirmation: Display, Led indicator and Voice confirmation
  • LCD Display: Touch screen 2.8 inch TFT color LCD, 320 x 240 resolution
  • Communication Interface: Built-in Ethernet and USB (cable/flash drive)
  • Memory Retention: Up to 5 years via the standard internal lithium battery
  • Size / Dimension:  167 x 147 x 34 mm(L x H x D)
  • Weight: 1lbs
  • Power: 5 Volt DC - 3 Watt (input:100 - 110 VAC) US adapter.
  • Operating Environment: Operating : 32 to 113 Fahrenheit (0 to 45 Celsius)
  • Working Humidity: 20% - 80%
  • Installation Method: Wall Mounting

FR1000 Face, Fingerprint Biometric Recognition Technology | WIFI

  • Power source
  • Ethernet, serial or USB Flash Drive (Depending on communication of choice)