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Convenience Store Employee Management Premier

  • Biomertric Swipe and Go Useing Fingerprint Recognition
  • Workforce Scheduling and Time and Attendance with Easy Shift Management
  • Interactive Touchscreen Employee Kiosk 

Manage workforce schedules in a very versatile and economical way. With this package, convenience store owners can ensure shifts are covered, reducing overtime and avoiding coverage holes.

Employer can use this  package to auto-schedule employees by specifying a ranking system that includes job requirements (certificates, skills, and training), wages, seniority, and hours already worked. Workforce Scheduling smartly schedules shifts based on attributes set by the employer and preferences set by or for the employee. 
It automatically selects the best matching candidates for open shifts based on these specific qualifications. If allowed, employees can define which days and times are preferable, neutral, or unavailable., which will also assist the system in choosing the best candidate for each shift.

Managers can access requests and approve changes online. With approval, employees can drop their assigned shifts, pick up open shifts, or swap shifts with coworkers through web or mobile.  Notifications are fired to managers and employees for all changes. All activites are displayed on dashboard that managers monitor as well as directly approve, deny or edit changes.

Also offers daily, weekly, and monthly schedulers. The daily scheduler gives a complete overview of workforce schedule for the day. Managers can easily drag to adjust shift start and end times, lunches, or breaks per employee in one screen. The schedule can be printed directly from this screen.

    Elionic-300 Employee Kiosk

    With a smart design and layout, the Elionic is ready to use straight out of the box. The device with the latest technologies can automatically perform recognition at a distance from 0.5m to 3m when a face is detected. It delivers higher recognition quality in speed and accuracy than other terminals using near-infrared facial recognition technology. With the applied Deep Learning algorithm, pose angle tolerance and anti-spoofing performance has been greatly enhanced against various environmental conditions and different types of spoofing attacks. Elionic 3000 is an easy to use Android-based, touch-screen tablet that is Wi-Fi enabled. The self-service kiosk allows employees to check schedules, view benefits, access and approve their time cards, and request time off directly from the device.

    Employees can transact using fingerprint, proximity card, and/or pin/password. Employers can set the option for the Elionic to take a photo of the employee as they clock in and out. The devicehas the ability to trigger a bell system or door access control.

    Employers can use the Elionic to alleviate administrative tasks and monitor employees.This even includes recording failed transactions and reporting on transactions that have occurred outside of restricted time periods. The Off-Schedule Meal Reporting feature helps your company stay compliant with lunch/break rules, by having employees report on any missing, short, or late breaks. Make tracking time and attendance that much easier with the Elionic device!

    Elionic-300 Employee Kiosk

    Technical Specifications of Elionic-300

    • CD: 1280×800 Pixel, Capacitive Touch Screen
    • System: Android 7.0.1
    • RAM: 2G Byte
    • ROM: 16 GB
    • Camera: 2 Million Pixels
    • Verification Mode: Fingerprint, Card, PIN Code
    • Fingerprint: SILKID Sensor
    • Identification Mode: 1:N, 1:1
    • Card Options: 125KHz EM
    • Capacity of Fingerprints: 10,000
    • Capacity of Users: 10,000
    • Capacity of Transactions: 1,000,000
    • Operation Mode: Stand-alone
    • Communication Mode: TCP/IP, Wi-Fi, Webserver, USB Host and Client, SD Card Slot
    • Facial Recognition Speed ≤1s
    • Microphone: Single - end
    • Name Display: Yes
    • Ring Inside: Yes
    • Voice Indicator: Yes
    • Power: 12V DC 3A
    • Operating Temperature: 0°C – 50°C
    • Operating Humidity: <90%
    • Dimension: 264 x 120 x 51 mm (LxHxD)
    • Net Weight: 620g