Shifts can be added and edited from Definitions - Shifts - Shifts.


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To learn the difference between shift groups and shifts, please read this article.


Each shift group can also have rounding rules. If you want to apply any rounding, select from the dropdowns for In/Out, Outside, Lunch and Break Rounding rules. See this article to configure the rounding rules. Also, you can enable shift differentials. See how to setup shift differentials.


After you are finished, click on the OK button to save the added Shift group.


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Now in the bottom section you can add shifts that belong to that shift group (have the same rounding rules, etc.). Each shift group must have at least one shift. Click the Add button at the bottom to add a shift to the selected shift group.


Shift Code - This is a unique code for the shift.


Start /  Stop - Enter the Start and Stop times of the Shift. This will be disabled for Flex shifts.

Cutoff - This value is intended for those employees who are assigned to a floating shift, which means that employee can work any shift of the shift group. The system uses this value to find the shift closest to the employee’s Clock In time and assigns the employee to that shift. If the employee's clock in time is after the Cutoff, the system moves down the list to compare with the next shift of the same shift group. The Cutoff value must be between the start and stop time of the current shift but cannot be after the Start time of the next shift.


Access Restrictions (Start / Stop) - fields are visible only when the Enable device access restrictions from shifts check box is selected from the General Settings window. This is part of the Device Time Restrictions module, which must also be enabled on the account. This option is recommended if you have access control devices connected to your system and want to restrict access to those devices based on shift hours. For that, you should enter the Start and End times of the period during which employee can have access to the devices here. For FLEX shifts and FLOATER schedule these values are not used.


Lunches/Breaks - this value is generated automatically after adding lunches and breaks and shows the sum of their durations. It is not editable and its value can't be entered manually. See this guide to enter lunches and breaks.


Total - this value shows the total duration of the shift's working time. If the shift is fixed, then it is calculated by subtracting the lunches/breaks total duration from the Gross value. If shift is flexible, then the total value is entered manually.


Assign worked hours to - These options are mainly intended for those employees who work over midnight, which assumes that Clock in and Clock out dates of those employees are different.

  • Clock in date - worked hours will be accrued to the day when the employee clocked in.
  • Clock out date - worked hours will be accrued to the day when the employee clocked out.

Lunch SG Max - this defines the maximum possible duration of lunch when Swipe and Go is used.

Break SG Max - this defines the maximum possible duration of break when Swipe and Go is used.


Note: Lunch/Break SG Max options will be inactive if the Use Swipe and Go function is disabled from the General Settings.


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You can then add lunches and breaks in the lower section. Follow this guide to set those up.


After configuring all those settings, press Ok to save the shift. You will then need to add the shift to an employee's schedule for those setting to take effect. Follow this guide to schedule shifts for an employee.