Differentials Setup Guide


In the AMG Attendance System, you can define some hours in a day (e.g. night hours), for which employees will be paid with a wage differential (usually at a higher rate). Differentials will apply only to Hourly and Calculated Salary wage types.

Setting UP Differentials in AMG Attendance System:

  • Go to Definitions > Shift > Shifts you should see Shift Groups Window
  • In box #1 (Shift Groups) Select and Press Edit
Setup Shift Differentials Image 1
  • Use Check box Use Differentials
  • Press Add
  •  Edit Differential window will open

Setup Shift Differentials Image 2

Setup Shift Differentials Image 3


  • Start of the Differential (From) is the Beginning of the Shift Differential, end time (To) End of the shift Differentials  (Time Set in 24 Hour Format)
  • Select the Days the Differential Will Apply to
  • Set Amount:  Multiply to Multiply times the amount set
  • Set Amount:  Add to Add the Amount set
  • Press Ok to save
  • You can Keep Adding Differentials to this Shift group or Press Okay in Edit Group Window to save all changes. Keep in mind you can add Differentials to any shift group.




Assigning Differentials to employees:


  • Go to employees Schedule Screen (standard tab > Attendance > Schedule OR Standard tab > Scheduling tab)
  • Find employee on list
  • Edit shift
  • Assign Shift Group with the created Differentials