AMG Software Module Annual Attendance Report Pro

  • Annual Attendance Report module is specifically designed and developed for educational institutions 
  • It includes a report entitled Annual Attendance, which shows students’ attendance during the whole calendar year.

The report shows a snapshot of one student’s attendance throughout the entire year using the following annotations:

  • P=Present
  • A=Absent
  • H=Holiday
  • B=Break
  • W=Weekend

At the bottom of the report, a summary is available to quickly evaluate a student’s attendance for the year.

Quantity Levels
  • (1-3)
  • (4-7)
  • (8-10)
  • (11-Up)
  • $253.44
  • $240.48
  • $237.60
  • $236.16

AMG Pro module designed for educational facilities, this module evaluates yearly student attendance.