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AMG Software Module Advanced Rounding Pro

The Advanced Rounding module is mostly used for the following two purposes:

  • Possibility of more flexible rounding configuration
  • Possibility of evaluating employee attendance based on their punch times

 Advanced Rounding applies for In/Out, Lunch and Break rounding rules. In all these cases, configuration of rounding rules is based on the time intervals around the scheduled start/stop time or scheduled duration. Moreover, the user has the possibility to define as many custom time intervals as needed. Another advantage is that Advanced In/Out Rounding rules can work not only with Fixed Shifts (as Simple Rounding does), but also with Flex shifts.

When using Advanced Rounding, there is a possibility to assign each time interval to an Attendance Code (e.g. Early In, Late Out, Long Lunch, etc.). Each attendance code has a corresponding value -either positive or negative (e.g. "1" for Early In, "-1" for Late In, etc.). As a result, for each punch (early, late or on time) employees acquire an attendance value and then those values are summarized in a special Attendance report for evaluating employee attendance. This evaluation is commonly known in the industry as the Attendance Point System.

Quantity Levels
  • (1-3)
  • (4-7)
  • (8-10)
  • (11-Up)
  • $253.44
  • $240.48
  • $237.60
  • $236.16

This module allows for more flexible rounding configurations and also for evaluating employees’ attendance through an Attendance Point System.