Employees must have shifts scheduled for them to be able to have rounding and lunches/breaks on their timecard. Scheduling shifts will also allow you to see things like absences and tardiness.


To edit multiple employees' schedules, see the article on the One Screen Easy Scheduling module.


Editing a single employee's schedule can be done from Attendance - Timecard and the Schedule tab.


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You can either click Edit This Week on the left to edit the current week, or you can check off any applicable days and click Edit Checked at the bottom.


Edit This Week

This screen will show you the entire week. You can edit each day individually by first checking Work, then selecting the Shift Group and Shift (and Dept/Job if applicable).

You can also bulk edit the week by editing the first day of the week and then clicking the >> button to copy those settings to the rest of the week.


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Edit Checked

This will edit all of the checked days to be the exact same schedule, so it will show options similar to the Edit This Week option, except only once.


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Note: An Employee's Shift Group holds the settings for rounding time, while the Shift will have the start/stop time and rules for lunches/breaks.

In AMG, a schedule must be set in order for rounding rules to apply and for lunches and breaks to display properly for employees. Schedules will be copied week after week.

You can set a default schedule for all employees from Settings -> Schedule. Select the rounding options at the top. You can round to 15 min or 30 minute intervals for clock in/out and you can round lunches and breaks to the total duration. Then you can set the schedule.



Check the Work box on the first work day of the week. The Flex checkbox will remove the start and stop times, so employees can work a flexible schedule. If employees clock in/out for lunches and breaks, click the correspoding checkboxes and set the duration. If you would like the settings for that day to apply to the rest of the week, click the Copy button at the top. You can always uncheck the Work checkbox for any days that the employee will not work. 

You can also set a schedule for each employee from Attendance by selecting an employee and clicking the Schedule tab.

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