AMG allows you to setup multiple users with different access to login to the system to view the same information.


Note: Each user will have the options to change their own language settings, password, and configure home screen widgets.


  1. In the top menu go to Tools - Users - Configure.
  2. Once you are in the configure tab, you will have the options to add, edit, delete, or duplicate users. Click Add to add a new user.
  3. Here you will configure the credentials for the user. Everything with a red background is required.
  4. Below that, there are additional features for the users such as approving timecards, the ability to punch in for employees, as well as “Only Status Board User” (Note: If “Only Status Board User” is checked, the user will have no rights other than being able to use Status Board)
  5. There are then other tabs at the top to configure the user's permissions. Go through each of those tabs as listed below:


Add or Edit Users Image 1

General – This is where we configure the credentials.


Global Permissions – For each screen in the software, you can give the user access to view, add, edit, and/or delete. You will see a list of features with corresponding checkmarks for what you want the user to be able to do.


Reports Permissions – This is where you will configure what reports the user will have access to see and run.


Headquarters/Divisions/Groups/Devices – This tab is for assigning the user certain rights entitled within the different organization groups. This is mainly used to assign supervisors to their own headquarter/division/group/device. The user will only be able to see the employees assigned to the headquarter/division/group.


Employee – This tab will show sensitive information such as employee’s SSN, Contacts, any attached files you have for their employee profile, along with wage. A checkmark means the user will be able to see this information.


When you are done with each of the permissions tabs, click Ok to create the user.