Before trying to access forecasting, make sure you have the module included in your package. Once you have launched the software, visit Help - About and look to confirm that our Forecasting module is enabled. 

This module allows forecasting costs and timelines for certain projects or jobs by assigning schedules and wages to employees.

Forecasting Image 1

In this window you have the possibility to view the forecasting for any custom period in the future.


For viewing forecasting, follow these steps:

  1. Filter employees from the left part of the window.
  2. In the Select Time Period group box select the time period of which you want to view.
  3. From the Group By combo box select how you want to group employees (if don’t want to group, leave None option selected).
  4. Click on OK button.


As a result, in the table the forecasting (both total and by employees) of the following data will be displayed:

  • Hours – shows forecasting of employees’ gross hours (total paid + lunches/breaks)
  • Total Paid – shows forecasting of employees’ total paid hours
  • Money – shows forecasting of employees’ wages


NOTE: All forecasted data is calculated based on employee’s current schedule and wage information.



"Forecasting" report


When using the Forecasting module, in the attendance reports a new Forecasting report will appear which will generate the information of Forecasting window. The same report will be possible to generate from the Forecasting window as well.


See the sample of the report below.


Forecasting Image 2