If you have a payroll integration, such as QuickBooks please look for the articles pertaining to specific payrolls in the Payroll section of the Knowledge Base.

To run a payroll from our list of over 120 options go to Standard > Payroll > Payroll.

  1.  Choose your payroll provider from the list on the left (some companies have multiple types - you will need to try and see which one works for your version of their software)
  2. Select the employees to run payroll for (all are selected by default)
Running Payroll Image 1
      3. Select the time period to run the payroll for. This screen will also allow you to configure several options (they vary for each payroll software)
Running Payroll Image 2
      4. Click Generate and then choose where to save the file. The file type may be specific to the payroll provider.
Then follow the process for your payroll software to import the generated file.