In your AMG Attendace System software go to Standard - Payroll and select Payroll Integration and select QuickBooks Online from the list.


Connect to QuickBooks Online Image 1


Click the Next button at the bottom and then on the next page click the QB Connect button.


Connect to QuickBooks Online Image 2


This will then open a small browser window and have you sign in to your QuickBooks Online account.


Connect to QuickBooks Online Image 3


Once you sign in it will show the option to connect to AMG.


Connect to QuickBooks Online Image 4


Click Connect and then you will be shown the connection between AMG and the QuickBooks company file. If you need to map Jobs/Departments from AMG to Customers in QuickBooks you can do that here, or you can click next. 

Connect to QuickBooks Online Image 5


AMG will then begin to Sync different info to QuickBooks. If anything does not match it will display a warning or a red X.


Connect to QuickBooks Online Image 6


If you click See Details you can correct issues and sync the different items.

NOTE: Synchronization is bidirectional for all items except for Company info, which is synchronized only from QuickBooks to AMGtime.


Before synchronization, if there are items available both in AMGtime and QuickBooks systems, then from Synchronization direction drop-down list those items should be synchronized from QuickBooks to AMGtime, or vice versa, should be selected.


For example, for Employees their full names must match exactly between QuickBooks and AMG. Here you can see an employee that has a matching name, but some of his other info does not match:


Connect to QuickBooks Online Image 7


You can choose which direction to sync from and hit Sync Now. Once you have cleared up any of the errors on the sync page you can hit next to begin exporting timecard data to QuickBooks.