The Punch Analysis tool will present employee's actual punch time compared to their scheduled time and show you the difference in the employees total worked time and the difference of lunch duration. It can be found in Standard - Punch Analysis.


You can use the filter option at the to set a date range, specify employees, and configure options.


Punch Analysis Image 1


The number in paranthesis next to Punches shows you the employee count. The IN/OUT columns show the employees scheduled in/out time, actual clock time and the difference between those times. The LUNCH, BREAK, and WORK columns show the scheduled duration, the actual duration, and the difference. The system has color coordination with red being late/short duration and green being on time/overtime.


Punch Analysis Image 2


The lower section shows Total Count - the number of employees, Average Duration - the average number of hours, Total Durations - the sum of the hours for all employees for each of the specified sections.


Punch Analysis Image 3

Punch Analysis Image 4

Punch Analysis Image 5