If you have the No Lunch, Short Lunch, Late Lunch module you can assign bonus hours or create alerts if employees do not take their designated lunch period. You must first configure a lunch period in any applicable shifts. See this article for more info on adding a lunch. The final setting in the lunch menu will allow you to configure late lunches.


Late Lunch

To configure this go to Definitions - Shifts - Shifts. Edit a shift and then edit the lunch for that shift and you will be presented with this screen:


Configure Missing, Short, and Late Lunches Image 1


After the number of hours listed in the 'Max Punch Time' a lunch is considered late by the software and will apply bonus hours or send an alert based on the settings.


The other settings for lunches can be found in Tools - General Settings - Missing, Short, Late Lunches. For late lunches you can either trigger an in-system alert for 'Warn X minutes before Max Punch Time' to let you know before an employee is late.


Configure Missing, Short, and Late Lunches Image 2


The system can also automatically assign a bonus if the lunch is 'After X minutes.' You can choose a specific category to have the hours as, and if an 'OT Level' applies. You can also 'Subtract Bonus from Worked Hours' so overtime may not be triggered and have the lunch bonus 'Calculate towards overtime' by regular daily/weekly overtime rules. You can then either 'Assign late hours as bonus' or specify the number of 'Hours' (or minutes) to assign as the bonus and make sure it is 'Not more than lunch duration.'


Missing Lunch

If an employee has a scheduled lunch, but it is completely missing for a day, you can assign bonus hours for this as well. 


Configure Missing, Short, and Late Lunches Image 3


Check the first box at the top, then check 'Automatically assign bonus hours for missing lunches', and specify the number of hours (or leave it as 0 to assign whatever the scheduled lunch is).


Short Lunch

For short lunches first check the box at the top of the settings menu, then check the box for 'Automatically assign bonus hours for short lunches'.


Configure Missing, Short, and Late Lunches Image 4


You can specify that the bonus is assigned 'if difference is greater than X minutes' (aka the lunch is X minutes short). Then you can choose the Category to assign a bonus as and the number of Hours (or minutes) to add, or 0 to make up the difference so the lunch is the full scheduled amount.