Note: To have jobs and departments, you must have the Job/Department Costing module on your account.

Jobs and departments allow employees to transfer between them. You can also setup different wages based on the job or department the employee is working in. To learn about the difference between jobs and departments, see this article

There are several ways to have an employee change between a different job or department, and they are in a specific priority. The job/department for an employee will appear on the timecard:

Changing Jobs and Departments Image 1


1. Manual Transaction - When a user enters a manual transaction they can choose 'Enter Job' or 'Enter Department' then select the job or department, to clock an employee into a specific one. You can clock an employee into multiple jobs/depts in one day in this method.


Changing Jobs and Departments Image 2


2. On the Device - Depending on your timeclock device, you can allow employees to enter a button, then select their job or department that they are clocking into. They will be clocked into that job/department until they choose a new job/dept or until the end of the day. An employee can clock into multiple jobs/depts in one day in this method. You can also set a default department to a device, so anytime anyone clocks in on that device, they are clocking into that specific department. Both settings can be configured from Devices - Configure Devices by editing a device.


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3. Schedule - in an employee's schedule you can set a job/department for each day. They can only belong to one department and one job each day, and these settings will be overriden by the clock settings or a manual transaction.


 Changing Jobs and Departments Image 4


4. Employee Defaults - Each employee can be given a default, or 'home' department or job. This is in the employee's info. If there is ANY schedule in the system for the employee, these values will be overriden in the timecard, even if the schedule has the Job and Department listed as None. The manual transactions and device settings will also override these values.


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