Instructions on What to Do When Locked Out of Your Clock Machine

Schlage Hand Scanners

 (Hand Punch 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, HP HandKey-2)

  Clocks that have connection to network and AMG Attendance System:

  • AMG Attendance System
  • Go to Devices Tab
  • Badges
  • Manage Badges
  • Use Pull Down to Select the Clock that is Locked and Press Connect (you should see a green Connected Message and a list of employee’s badges that are on the clock)
  • Locate Badges with Security Level (Security) are Admin’s on the clock check the Box next to that badge and select delete
  • Change security level of the badge by highlighting the badge and selecting Edit, using the pull down under Security level and change it to None.
  • Optional Module (Badge Repository) refer to our Badge Repository Tutorial only Option available for AMG Cloud Users

  Hand Punch clocks that are not connected to a network will require the Hand Punch to be Reset which will Delete all the Badges and Transactions on the Hand Punch

  • Remove the Hand Punch off the mount using the Key Provided when purchased.
  • Disconnect the Power of the Hand Punch from the Main Board
  • Hold Down the White Push buttons located In the Middle of the Main Board Under the group of Colorful wires while reconnecting the power of the Hand Punch, after the Hand Punch makes a Beeping sound you can let go of the White button.
  • on the screen you get Two options 1 Setup Which will only reset the Setup on the clock without deleting any employees
  • option 9 All!!! Will cold reboot the clock and will delete all badges in the clock