Before doing the procedures below, make sure to get your network configuration. You can do this by opening Command Prompt (CMD) on your computer, typing "ipconfig" then pressing Enter.


You will see something like this show up:    


Connect a HandPunch to a Network Image 1

Please contact your IT department if you are not familiar with this information.

NOTE: You must select an IP address that is available (not used) on your network for the Handpunch.

Use the command "arp -a" to get a list of IP addresses in use.

On your Handpunch:

 Press the [Clear] button and then the [Enter] button.

  • If you have an admin lock, you will need to enter your ID and place your hand.
  • You will see the message “ENTER PASSWORD”. Press [2] then [Enter].  
  • You should see “SET LANGUAGE” on the screen. Press the [*No] button until you see on the screen “SET SERIAL”
  • Press [#Yes].  You will see  “IP ADDRESS” and the IP address itself. You will need to start typing in an appropriate IP address quickly or the screen will change. The IP address will need to be available on the network, and will be similar to the computer's address from the command prompt if it is on the same network.


NOTE: On a handpunch, the IP address must always have three digit octets. You must add 0s for any octet that is less than three digits. So becomes
 Connect a HandPunch to a Network Image 2
  • Press [Enter] when you are done.  “GATEWAY” and an address will appear. Enter the gateway address exactly the same as the one on your computer's command prompt (if it is the same network), except with the extra 0s as mentioned above.
  • Press [Enter] when you are done.  You should see “Host Bits” on the screen.
  • Host Bits correspond to the Subnet mask. The most common is which is '8' host bits. Press [#Yes] to change the Host Bits or just press [Enter] if it is correct.
  • Press [Enter] when you are done.  You should see Baud value, eg. “9600 baud” on the screen.
  • Press [*No] for no to change to a different baud rate. 
  • The screen should go back to *SET SERIAL. Press [Clear] button to return to the main screen. Try to poll your device from the AMG software on your computer to check the connection.
To add in your device into the AMG software see this article.
If you receive the following error with the Device Address set to 1, set it to 0, or vice-versa.