If you are unable to access the menu due to admin lock on the following devices:

   AMG 100-C, FR2000 Face Recognition, BS-922 Portable Fingerprint Device

     Clocks that have connection to network and AMG Attendance System:

  • AMG Attendance System
  • Go to Devices Tab
  • Badges
  • Manage Badges
  • Use Pull Down to Select the Clock that is Locked and Press Connect (you should see a green Connected Message and a list of employee’s badges that are on the clock)
  • Locate Badges with Security Level (Security) are Admin’s on the clock check the Box next to that badge and select delete
  • Change security level of the badge by highlighting the badge and selecting Edit, using the pull down under Security level and change it to None.
  • Optional Module (Badge Repository) refer to our Badge Repository Tutorial. This is the only option available for AMG Web Users.

Clocks not connected to a network will require a password bypass that can only be done by the AMG support team. Call our main office for assistance with this.