The New Normal of Punching In/Out Safely

The New Normal of Punching In/Out Safely

New Normal of Punching In and Out Safely

What is the new normal? Is it homeschooling? Is it social distancing? Is it washing your hands every ten minutes? Is it working remotely? Is it sheltering in place? The answer to all those questions is… possibly! As we head into another month of social distancing it seems like we will have to acclimate to the new normal, or at least for quite some time. Keeping that in mind, we would like to go back and rehash the most important factor in managing your workforce, punching in. Clocking in and out of work, insuring employees proper time and attendance is an essential piece to any business, and as AMGtime has scaled to a wide range of products and services that go far beyond time clocks, collecting data is still the backbone of our organization.

Hygienic ways to punch in with little contact

Facial Recognition

AMGtime has several different models of facial recognition terminals that also include additional verification modes such as fingerprint and proximity card readers. Though, the facial recognition method makes for a complete contact-free and hygienic punch transaction. An employee simply needs to step in front of a time clock and the device scans the face in order to complete the transaction of clocking in and clocking out without ever touching the device.

Mobile App

Employees can punch in by simply using their smartphones. AMGtime’s mobile time clock app can be downloaded on your Android or iOS smartphone. This method is ideal for those employees who tend to work remotely or frequently travel. The mobile app includes additional features like expense tracking, mileage tracking, punch selfie, geo-fencing, geo-tracking, and geo-location.

Web Clock/PC Clock

AMGtime’s Web and PC Clock is great for employees as can clock in at a desktop assigned specifically to that employee. The time clock software can be installed by supervisors to ensure employees are accurately accruing hours worked.

Proximity Cards

AMGtime proximity time clocks may have an HID/RFID  card reader for contact-free card reading. This method requires that you wave your proximity card in front of the time clock and ensure a physical distance between the employee and the clock when clocking in. Each badge is white on both sides and can hold a sticker with the employees’ information.

While avoiding physical contact with time-capturing systems helps minimize the spread of germs, no method is perfect, and employees should wash their hands regularly for 20 seconds. Also keep in mind, that cleaning time clocks daily is another way to decrease exposure but be cautious of cleaning the clocks without damaging them.

Learn how to properly clean your time clock machines, click here.



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