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Properly Clean Your Handpunch Without Destroying It in Response to COVID-19

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Keeping your device germ-free is a top priority all employers should always have, especially now when cases of COVID-19 increase day by day. Though, one should always keep in mind the proper method of cleaning a HandPunch without damaging the device. Making sure to clean the HandPunch platen when needed is important to keep your device in operating condition.  Having any kind of dirt or debris on the platen may cause disruption to the camera function.

Using regular non-abrasive window cleaner and a clean piece of cloth is the best way to clean the platen.


Please, refrain from using these fluids as it may affect the platen’s ability to reflect light in the proper direction:

-Acetone and Acetate
-Methanol and Ethanol

Employees who apply hand cream or use hand sanitizer/wipes containing ethanol and/or methanol must do so after using the HandPunch to prevent platen damage.

Here is an image from the manual to give you a visual understanding of proper maintenance


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