How Will the COVID-19 Vaccine Effect Your Workplace?

How Will the COVID-19 Vaccine Effect Your Workplace?

How Will COVID-19 Vaccine Effect Your Workplace
About the COVID-19 Vaccine

The United States has started administrating the COVID-19 vaccine through either Pfizer or Moderna. Both of these companies use an mRNA vaccine, which provides a genetic code for our cells to produce the proteins needed to create immunity and antibodies against COVID-19. 

The vaccine administration is in two rounds of shots providing necessary information for your body to create immunity against the virus. However, after taking the vaccine, you might feel slightly ill the next day with a possible slight fever. That seems to be a common-response and shows that your immune system is responding to the vaccine.

For the vaccine to take full effect, it takes a few weeks for your body to develop antibodies after getting both shots. Therefore, you should continue practicing social distancing between your vaccine shots and afterward because you can still contract the virus during those gap periods. Also if you are on business trips, vacation, or planning your honeymoon, follow COVID control and prevention rules to protect yourself and the people around you. 

How Will This Affect Your Workplace

With the vaccine currently being in Phase 1 of distribution, going to healthcare workers first. Where does that leave you and your business? Some of your employees may have access to vaccinate before the public but not all. The majority of people will gain access to vaccinate in Spring or Summer 2021.

Until then, businesses need to continue following CDC guidelines, but what happens when the vaccine is fully public? The vaccine takes a few weeks to create immunity, and people can still get sick within that time. There is also no guarantee that everyone will vaccinate when it does become public. Thus, making it difficult for businesses and the public to return to “normal.”

However, the main reason it may be difficult is this vaccine is brand new. We do not know how long immunity will last or bring immunity to every strain of COVID-19. The CDC highly recommends that even if someone has received both rounds of the COVID vaccine, they should continue wearing masks. Therefore, wearing masks and social distancing will still be part of our everyday lives regardless of the vaccine. 

AMGtime Solutions

To keep your employees and visitors staying safe, AMGtime has biometric time clocks with a face and palm reader that are 100% touchless with mask and temperature detection. The FRX5/TI and the FRX8/TI are hardware devices paired with software solutions to increase safety for your visitors and employees.

The FRX/TI series is fully equipped to keep your business in ordinance with COVID-19 protocols. It can deny entrance to people not wearing a mask or trying to enter with a fever. It even keeps managers and supervisors always in the know with real-time alerts when someone fails verification. These alerts can send either through mobile notification or email. You will even be able to access reports of everyone using the device to ensure your visitors and employees are following protocol. Furthermore, the FRX/TI series is more hygienic than regular timeclocks with its 100% touchless verification reader. 

 With the FRX5/TI or FRX8/TI, your business will have an all-in-one device that keeps your visitors and employees feeling safe to enter your building.



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