One year COVID-19 Anniversary – How did AMGtime fare?

One year COVID-19 Anniversary – How did AMGtime fare?

One year COVID-19 Anniversary

We have reached one year since the World Health Organization (WHO) has announced COVID-19 as a pandemic on March 11, 2020. Shortly after, President Trump declared a national emergency on March 13, 2020, beginning our “new normal.” On March 19, 2020, all non-essential businesses were ordered to close, hitting small businesses particularly hard. Even with the CARES act and the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), small businesses are still going out of business due to COVID-19.

Small businesses whether going fully remote or completely shutting down their operations have been struggling with this pandemic. 

How AMGtime was affected

Like other non-essential businesses, AMGtime stopped working from the office after the stay-at-home order and relocated their workers remotely. As a small business providing time and attendance software that also handles tech support in-house, adjusting to remote work was a struggle in the beginning. They had to learn to telecommunicate more effectively with each other to assist their clients’ technical and customer support needs. The convenience of your coworker next to you to ask questions or show the problem was no longer available and adjustments needed to be made.

Eventually, AMGtime employees were able to relocate back into the office by following CDC guidelines of social distancing and wearing masks. However, the first few months of the pandemic were some of the hardest for AMGtime.

Our CEO, Tony Galstyan, states, “When the pandemic first occurred, we saw a major decrease in our sales which hit our business financially. We have never seen such a drop in sales since opening like we did those first few months of the pandemic.”

Tony and AMGtime had to rethink and adjust what products were needed during this time and how to cater to their client’s needs to ensure they were staying safe all while having his company able to continue operating.

AMGtime Solutions

AMGtime recognized that typical time clocks with fingerprint and hand readers were no longer pertinent for businesses to use during COVID-19. They shifted their focus to their facial recognition time clocks on hand and were able to get biometric time clocks with mask detection and thermal imaging for extra security measures against the spread of COVID-19.

For our clients who went fully remote and have been staying fully remote, they have been able to utilize AMGtime’s web-based software system to being able to clock in and out from their workstation or using AMGtime’s mobile time clock app.

Employers are still able to easily track their employees’ time and attendance while giving their employees ease and convenience by using the software or mobile app. The mobile app also has location tracking and geofencing. Therefore, allowing employers to see where employees have been clocking in and out from and able to geofence that location to ensure they are working from their remote location.



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