Reduce Time Card Process with Multi-Approval Feature

Reduce Time Card Process with Multi-Approval Feature

AMGtime Multi-Approval Feature

Have you ever managed employees’ time cards and flustered over multiple screens? If your answer is yes, then look no further, AMGtime has the solution to your problem!

The Multi-Approval will eliminate physical time cards and ensure timeliness of paychecks. Not only will this feature save money, it will save a good amount of your time. Managers and employees have ability to approve, deny, edit and comment on time cards directly from the AMGtime software. The Multi-Approval screen provides visibility into missing punches, overtime, benefits, absences and status of the employee. Everything you need to quickly manage your employees’ time cards will be on a single screen.

Best part? There is no additional cost for Multi-Approval if you have the Employee Web & Mobile Access module already!

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