Company Expanding? Have Scalable Software to Grow With You!

Company Expanding? Have Scalable Software to Grow With You!

AMGtime-Scalable Software for your business expansion

AMGtime has been professionally providing time and attendance software for 28 years and counting. They have distanced themselves from competitors with their advanced time and attendance clocks and scalable software.

AMGtime believes in providing their clients with the best software available due to their constant upgrades with new technologies emerging. They did not want to create time solutions that limit companies on what they can use if their company expands. Whether your business starts with 5 employees or grows to 500, AMGtime’s software can adjust with your business expansion and handle your employees’ time information regardless of company size.

Software and Hardware Solutions

AMGtime’s software is simple to use with all the relevant features of today’s growing technology and needs. They always stay up to date to ensure their clients are getting the best time and attendance service in the industry. This scalable software is fully accessible to the administration to control the settings and configurations of their choosing. No longer do you have to be confined to set configurations from your time and attendance software. Admin can also easily add employees as they go, allowing this software to be scalable. It can grow with your business expansion in a smooth transition. You can hire a virtual assistant to help you with setting up scalable software. With expanding businesses, AMGtime also understands that more services may be required which is why they have add-on modules available for admin to apply. They can utilize Advanced Workforce Scheduling, Benefit Accruals, and more!

There is also a wide selection of biometric time clocks and time card machines for companies to utilize through either purchase or rental for their employees to use. AMGtime consistently stays up to date with the latest technology to make your business expansion process easier and offers COVID-19 friendly time clocks to ensure safety for not only employees but visitors as well.

Cloud Paying Solutions

AMGtime is not only known for being the most customizable and flexible software, but also the most cost-effective business solution. Since we offer scalable software, businesses only pay for what they use. Therefore, there are no hidden fees like other competitors! This is a cloud-paying solution that has user-friendly billing to make the process easier for our clients.




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