Time off approvals allow you to set which users can approve employee time off requests, and in what order. It can be accesses from the left menu under Users - Time Off Approval. 


On the left you can select the user to edit the settings for:


Time Off Approval Levels Image 1


On the right side you can choose if they have access to approve (Note: their user role must also have access to the time off requests screen, see this article for more details on user roles). Then you can set the following settings: 

  • Level - this determines which user approves requests first (higher = sooner). Please note this may also affect when users get time off request notifications.
  • Require all users approval - this requires all users to approve a request on a specific level.
  • Headquarters/Divisions/Groups/Jobs/Departments - this allows you to select which groups of employees the user has access to approve.