For an employee to have access to the Advanced Scheduling module the Admin should first go to the employee Accesses screen and verify employee login is enabled. Next, verify Scheduling is checked off for the employee to have access to.  Refer to the User Guide for Advanced Settings. The employee login module must be included for employees to have access.


General Capabilities:

  • Manage Schedule/Hours
  • Request Open Shift
  • Drop shifts
  • Swap shifts
  • Configure preferences

Configuring settings

For being able to properly use Advanced Scheduling module, first you should go to General Settings menu and configure main settings available in the Advanced Scheduling subsection:


Advanced Scheduling -> General

In the General submenu you should configure the following general settings

  • Enable Shift Swap
  • Require Manager Approval
  • Enable Drop & Pickup
  • Maximum number of open shift rows in schedule cell
  • Automatic publish of draft schedules after minimum days expiration
  • Minimum days before publishing draft schedules
  • Hours before schedule date after which dropping shift is not allowed
  • Show Co-Workers

Advanced Scheduling -> Notifications

AMG System enables displaying or sending notifications regarding several scheduling related activities and in this Notifications submenu of General Settings you should configure which notification types and for which activities you want to enable

Notification types

  • E-mail
  • In-Module


  • Swap Request
  • Clock In/Out Reminder
  • Drop & Pickup Requests
  • Open Shifts
  • Shift Reminder



Manage Schedule/Hours

Employees can view their schedules in various ways, including daily, weekly, and monthly formats. Each of these screens displays their planned start and end times, along with the total hours and days they're assigned to work. Depending on the permissions they're given, employees might also be able to see their colleagues' schedules.


Advanced Scheduling for Employees Image 1  Advanced Scheduling for Employees Image 2


Request Open Shift

Open shifts created by the Users will appear at the top of each screen above the schedules.           

Advanced Scheduling for Employees Image 3


The employee can select the shift to view the details and opt to Pickup. 

Advanced Scheduling for Employees Image 4


After selecting the Pickup option the selected date will change to being a Draft. The shift will also be added to the Requests tab which can be used to view and cancel the request.

Advanced Scheduling for Employees Image 5

Drop shifts

Prior to making a shift public, employees can choose to release the shift. To achieve this, on any of the Advanced Scheduling interfaces, the employee must pick the specific day they wish to release. This action will then illuminate the drop button situated at the upper left corner of the schedule. Upon submitting the drop, it will be appended to the Request section as a shift release request.

Advanced Scheduling for Employees Image 6


Swap Shifts

Before the shift is published the employee has the option to swap the shift. The employee can only swap with another unpublished shift.

To swap employee must:

  1. Select the shift desired to swap
  2. Hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard.
  3. Select the coworkers' shift which is desired to swap with.
  4. This will highlight the swap button. Press Swap.


Submitting the swap will add it as a request.

Advanced Scheduling for Employees Image 7


Configure preferences

The Employee Settings section enables employees to personalize their shift preferences. By clicking on the colors at the upper left corner of the screen, employees can easily drag and drop their preferences onto specific days and times. Additionally, they can specify a designated time interval through the Set Interval option, and the timeframe can be extended by dragging the edges. At the screen's top, there's an option for employees to choose how often these preferences should repeat.

Advanced Scheduling for Employees Image 8

Availability preference

In Availability preference tab you can do the following actions:

  • Set availability preference for employees
    Setting availability preferences means defining days and times when employees prefer to work or dislike, or can’t work. Preferences are displayed with the following colors:


By default “Don’t care” preference is set for all days and hours. All other three preferences are being set manually.

To set any preference you should drag and drop necessary preference color to the necessary day and start time on the dashboard and drag it up to end time.


If you set Can’t Work preference for any day and hours, for which there is already shift assigned, will appear yellow line which means there is conflict with schedule.