To run a report in AMG Web go to Reports - Reports. The Attendance and Information tabs at the top have different lists of reports. Select the appropriate tab and then select the report you want to run.

Run a Report (Web) Image 1

The first page of any report gives you options to change some of the information on the report. These options vary by report. You can also click the image on the right to see a sample of the report in a larger size:

Run a Report (Web) Image 2


You can click the preview again to hide it and adjust the settings again, then you can click Next.


On the second page of a report you can filter out and choose which employees the report is run for.


Run a Report (Web) Image 3 


By default all active employees are selected the first time you run a report. Click next again to move to select date options.


The third page of a report lets you choose the date range and sorting of the report. Select the time period and the order by option then click Next.


 Run a Report (Web) Image 4

Some reports will have a fourth page that includes options for custom fields that will print at the bottom of the report.

Run a Report (Web) Image 5

When you reach the final page of a report you can click the Generate button and it will open the report in a new tab.

Run a Report (Web) Image 6

At the top of the report are the menu options such as export, which lets you save the report to different file types, and options to choose the current page you are viewing.