Pay Codes must be updated in AMGtime to match your payroll in order to successfully export to APEX.

This is done from the Categories list in AMGtime. Edit the category and click on the Export tab.

The Field Code will be the type of hours. e.g. (work, Lunch, Break, PTO)

The Fields below are the rates of the hours. e.g. (Reg, OT1, OT2)


APEX Pay Codes Image 1



  • Reg Hours":"Reg Hours",
  • "OT Hours":"OT Hours",
  • "Vac Hours":"Vac Hours",
  • "Hol Hours":"Hol Hours",
  • "Sick Hours":"Sick Hours",
  • "PTO":"PTO",
  • "Piecework":"Piecework",
  • "Comm":"Comm",
  • "Bonus":"Bonus",
  • "Direct Tips":"Direct Tips",
  • "Allocated Tips":"Allocated Tips",
  • "Misc. Pay":"Misc. Pay","Held Tips":"Held Tips",
  • "Indirect Tips":"Indirect Tips",
  • "OT Level 2":"OT Level 2"