To edit or add a lunch or break to a shift, go to Company - Shifts - Shifts. From here, select your shift group on the top and the individual shift from the bottom table and click Edit next to the shift.


In this window under Lunches/Breaks table you can see the list of lunches and breaks of the shift; you can add new lunches and breaks, edit or delete existing ones. For adding new lunch or break click the Add button.


Add or Edit Lunches or Breaks (Web) Image 1


At first choose the type, whether it is a lunch or a break, then enter duration in minutes. If lunch or break should be paid, then check the Paid check box.


Add or Edit Lunches or Breaks (Web) Image 2


Apply Mode
Choose how the lunch or break will be applied. Choose Elapsed, if you want the lunch to be automatically applied, Punched if you want employees to clock In and Out for the lunch or break, or Elapsed or Punched if you want either Elapsed or Punched modes to apply. If Elapsed or Punched is applied, then if an employee has not clocked out by the time set in the Elapsed field below, the system will automatically apply the lunch.


Minimum Duration
Enter the minimum duration of the lunch or break for the cases when punched mode is applied. If the employee is clocks for a lunch or break less than the minimum duration, then the system won't consider it as a lunch or break. (Recommended Minimum Duration for lunch is 20 minutes and for a break 3 minutes)


Enter the amount of hours after which a lunch or break will be automatically deducted. Note that this field will be active only if Apply Mode is set to Elapsed or Elapsed or Punched. Realize that if an employee clocks out anytime before this period, the lunch will not be deducted. However, an employee who works a short day, but is still beyond this period, will still have lunch deducted. For those reasons, this period is commonly set at 6 hours.


Select whether the elapsed time should be counted from the Shift Start time or actual Punch In time. Note that this field will be active only if Apply Mode is set to Elapsed or Elapsed or Punched.


Pay Outside
Pay Outside checkbox is intended for those cases when the employee was outside for lunch or break longer than the amount specified in the Duration field. Check this option if you want the time exceeding the maximum duration also to be paid. Note that this field is active only if Paid check box is selected. 


Deny Short Duration
Check this option if you want that short duration of lunch or break be denied. It means that after performing "Out for Lunch" and "Out for Break" punches from the device, employees wouldn't be able to perform any other action from the device until the lunch or break duration is over.
Take into consideration that this feature doesn't apply for all device types.

Click Ok to save the lunch or break, then click Ok again on the next page to save the shift.