If you are seeing issues in the timecard with overnight workers, there are a few settings you can change to see if it corrects the issues.


First there are several settings in the pay policy. This can be found in Company - Pay Policies. Edit the pay policy and you will be taken to this screen:


Setup Overnight Workers (Web) Image 1


Close timecard at Pay Period end at X - this will stop the timecard on the final day of the pay period at the specified time. So if an employee is working during this time, part of their time will be on the previous pay period and part will be on the next.


Reset Day at X - this is the time when it will change from one day to another. So 00:00 (midnight) will make it go from Friday to Saturday for example. Please be sure to NOT have this time around when employees may be clocking in/out otherwise some may have their time on Friday and others on Saturday.


Use this hour for Resetting Swipe and Go -  if you are using swipe and go (where employees do not select their actions like clock in/out on the timeclock) and you have overnight workers this box should NOT be checked. If it is checked and the day reset time is 00:00 then if an employee clocks in at 11pm and out at 7am the next day, the system will make both swipe and go transactions as Clock Ins. This will create mismatches in the Timecard.


Close Timecard at Day Reset Time - this will have the system automatically clock the employee out and back in at the day reset time. So if an employee works from 11pm to 7am and this setting is checked with the day reset at 00:00, it will have one set of timecard transactions from 11pm-12am and another from 12am-7am. System generated time will appear in a purple background as seen here: 


Setup Overnight Workers (Web) Image 2

 Setup Overnight Workers (Web) Image 3

Lastly for overnight workers, you can choose if their time goes towards the day they clock in or the day they clock out. This is part of the shift settings. It can be found by going to Company - Shifts - Shifts and then clicking Edit on the desired shift then selecting the toggle under Assign worked hours to:


Setup Overnight Workers (Web) Image 4


So with the settings in this example if an employee clocks in at 11pm on Friday, the day reset in the pay policy is set to 00:00, and they clock out at 7am Saturday, all 8 of their worked hours will appear in the Timecard under Saturday because the shift settings are for the clock out date.