Note: to use multi approval you must have the employee login module.


Multi Approval allows you to approve timecards for multiple employees at once. The employees can then approve or deny their timecards and send a message.


The Multi Approval button can be found in the bottom left under Attendance - Timecard.


Multi Approval Image 1


If you click on it you will be taken to a screen that will show you a list of employees' timecards for approval. If the status on the right shows 'Waiting for your approval' you can check the box on the left and click the approve button.


Multi Approval Image 2


The employee will then be able to approve or deny the timecard from their login. Depending on their notification settings, the employee may get an alert in their email or on the mobile app. 


Multi Approval Image 3


If an employee rejected the timecard, they must add a comment, which the user can then see by clicking the red i. The user can then disagree (prompting the employee to approve again) or they can disapprove, make changes, and approve again for the employee.


Multi Approval Image 4