If you see that an employee's timecard is blank you can follow these steps to troubleshoot:


1. If an employee is clocking in on a device, check that their ID on the device matches their Badge number in the software. You can also go to Devices - Wrong Transactions to see if transactions are being sent from the device and not matching to an employee on the software (any incorrect IDs will show up on the right).


Employee Timecard is Blank (Web) Image 1


2. Check that the transactions are coming through to the software and that you are looking at a timecard for the same period. Go to Attendance, select an employee on the left and click on the Transactions tab. Change the date range to an appropriate date range where the employee would have transactions:


Employee Timecard is Blank (Web) Image 2


If there are no transactions here, then they are not being sent from the device or may be under Wrong Transactions (see step 1). If there are transactions here, next go to the Timecard tab and verify that the date range you are viewing on the Timecard matches the transactions dates:

Employee Timecard is Blank (Web) Image 3


3. If you are seeing transactions in the Transactions tab but not the Timecard tab, make sure that the selected employee has an Active status for the pay period you are looking at. If you double click an employee's name from the Attendance screen, it will open up the page to edit them. In the lower section there is a box that says Status; make sure the status is Active and the date is before the date of the employee's first transaction. If an employee is not active before a specific day, their transactions for that day will not appear in the timecard.


Employee Timecard is Blank (Web) Image 4


These steps should resolve any issues with the timecard being completely blank. If you are still having issues with time not appearing on the correct days, time being split up, etc. see the article on Editing Pay Policies.