The Timecard screen (under the Attendance tab) calculates time and allows you to add/edit/delete transactions. You can filter employees on the left, then select an employee to look at their timecard. The timecard shows the transactions and calculates hours (Reg, OT, Unpaid) for each day in the pay period. The section at the very bottom shows the total hours for each day. The total for the end of the pay period can be found in the bottom right. 


You can change the date of the timecard you are viewing by changing the Pay Periods Back option near the bottom and clicking Go:


Using the Timecard (Web) Image 1


 To add/edit/delete time, you can double-click the desired cell or click the cell and click the Add, Edit, or Delete buttons at the bottom.


Using the Timecard (Web) Image 2


 Once you select it, open the window to change the Date, Time, Device, and Action.


Using the Timecard (Web) Image 3


Once you click Ok, the transaction will save and update on the timecard.


Another way to select transactions to edit is the Display Mispunches button. This will show you a list of all absences and/or missing punches in a given time period.


Using the Timecard (Web) Image 4


Clicking Go To will highlight the cell on the Timecard screen, so you can choose to add/edit it. 


To add in time or money for categories other than Worked Time, click the Misc Entries button at the bottom. This screen will allow you to add hours for a specific category (e.g. Vacation, Sick, etc.)

The settings for Categories can be found under Company  -> Categories.


Using the Timecard (Web) Image 5

 If you see punches on your timecard that appear in purple, those punches are automated. This is typically used for salaried employees and cannot be edited from the timecard itself.



You can set this up in General Settings -> Schedule.

Lastly, to approve a timecard, which prevents it from being edited further, you can click the Approve button at the bottom. That will turn the timecard green and prevent any editing for the selected timecard. You can hit Disapprove to re-enable editing.


Using the Timecard (Web) Image 6


If you are experiencing issues with transactions not showing up on the timecard, take a look at this article.