Each user has access to customize their own homescreen widgets and report preferences. Home screen widgets give a user shortcuts to see information on one screen such as employees who are tardy, absent, missing any punches, or currently on overtime. 


In order to edit home screen widgets, click the person icon in the upper right, then select Customize Home Screen Widgets.


Home Screen Widgets (Web) Image 1

Anything you check from the list of information given will show up on your home screen whilst using the software, as shown in the image above. Reports and Payroll exports can also be created as a home screen widget to either generate a report or export your payroll file with one click. For Reports, click Add and continue configuring which kind of report you'd like for it to generate, and set the time period of your liking. Be sure to create a report widget with the time period set to something like today or the current pay period in order to generate an updated report, instead of a fixed date.


Widgets will automatically refresh but you can also click the circular arrow in the bottom right of each widget to refresh the information. You can customize the color of each of your widgets by clicking on the circle color spectrum in each widget's corner.