Note: The payroll wizard is an advanced tool and should only be used if you have tried an existing payroll template for your software (under Payroll - Payroll) and it doesn't work, or your payroll is not in the list. 


The Payroll Wizard is a tool that allows you to build a custom payroll export. It can be accessed from Payroll - Payroll Wizard. Start by giving the template a name. Then you need to follow the format required by your payroll software import.

  • Delimiter - how fields are separated, typically comma or space
  • Show Column Headers - if headers can be included in the import, the first row will be the headers
  • Apply Grouping - this will group hours by some selected fields, depening on waht is included. (eg. group all hours for the pay period by the job if job code is a field)
Then you will select fields from the left and click the > button to add them to the payroll.
Payroll Wizard (Web) Image 1
A Text field is static (you will enter the Value), an Option field is something you enter when you run the payroll.


Payroll Wizard (Web) Image 2


When fields are added they will created a new row, however in the export file these will be columns. You can see a Sample at the bottom of the screen.


  • Column Header - if enabled this will print in the first row
  • Length/Alignment/Padding - these fields are typically only used for fixed length imports. Your payroll software should specify the requirements for each field
  • Format - you can specify the format for date & number values
  • Value - For text fields, specify the static value
  • Should Quote - Usually for name fields. If you include the full name with a comma, but use comma delimiting the names will be created in different columns unless this box is checked
  • Expression - this is for custom programming in Javascript. It is not recommended you use this field without contacting our support team


When you are finished, click the OK button in the bottom right. Your custom payroll will then show up in Payroll - Payroll where you can run it and save the export as .csv, .txt, or .xls.
Payroll Wizard (Web) Image 3
This is a .csv sample for the custom payroll from the wizard in the picture above:
Payroll Wizard (Web) Image 4