In order to know if a transaction was manually entered, changed, or deleted, you can generate a transactions report. This report is capable of showing the user who has made the change, the time and date of the transaction being changed, the device that was in use for the punch and the actual type of change that had occured. To generate this report first go to "reports" on th e left hand side of your user interface.  There you will see three tabs which are Recently Used, Attendance, and Information. Select "Attendance" then scroll down to "Transactions".


Modified Transactions (Web) Image 1


 Each individual transaction on our timecard screen also has a Manual field that displays 'Yes' if the transaction was added or modified by a user or 'No' if it just came from the device and has been untouched.


Modified Transactions (Web) Image 2


 The transactions tab found next to the timecard will show us the transaction in more detail as well as displays the user who had last made any edit to it.


Modified Transactions (Web) Image 3


Modified Transactions (Web) Image 4