Polling allows you to retrieve employees' time data/transactions from your connected devices via network/serial connections or from a USB flash drive. You can select multiple devices, change the Date and Time to sync with your computer or manually change the clock's date/time.


  • Check each box next to the clock name that you would like to poll
  • Press the POLL button to retrieve the data.

Polling Device Image 1


  • Synchronize Date and Time by checking the clock or clocks on the left, then check the Change Device Date and Time option and either sync or realtime update. Then press the Poll button to poll the device and update the time.

Polling Device Image 2

The From File tab at the the top allows you to poll from a USB Flash drive press the Browse button to open computer files, press Poll.

  • Poll Logs allows you to select the date range to poll from.

Polling Device Image 3

After polling is completed, the timecard will update with employees' data/transactions.