The device time restrictions modules allows you to set restrictions on at what time certain or all employees can clock in/out on a device on what days.


The ability to do time restrctions depends on the model of your timeclock device. For the AMG 100C or BS-922 see this article to setup the option on the device.


To set up the time zones for the devices, in your AMG software go to Devices - Time Restrictions. Choose your device from the dropdown and click connect. 


Device Time Restrictions Image 1


Then select a time zone and double click or click the Edit button to edit it. All time zones default to 12:00AM - 11:59PM (all day access). Keep in mind employees can belong to 3 time zones so you can set one zone for clock in time, one for lunch, and one for clock out. Or you can set one time zone for the whole day. You can also set multiple zones for multiple different shifts.


Device Time Restrictions Image 2


Keep note of the text in red at the bottom of this screen, this can change per timeclock model.


Next you will need to apply the time zones to employees. You can do this from Devices - Badges - Manage Badges. Select your device from the dropdown and check the Load Access Time Zones box in the upper left. This will load all the employees on the device and which timezone they belong to.


Device Time Restrictions Image 3


Check an employee or employees on the left, then press the Access Time button in the bottom left. You can then select up to three different time zones the employee(s) will be restricted to. All employees defualt to zone 1. If you do not want an employee to be restricted, assign them to any time zone that is set to all day access.


Device Time Restrictions Image 4


Press Ok and the settings will sync with the device. The employee will now only be able to transact on the device during the specified times.