NOTE: In order to configure and assign bell schedules to your device(s), you must have our bell schedule module.


To add this feature to your package, you can visit Help - About in the software, and look through the list of features/modules for Bell Schedules. If you already have this module included, make sure it is enabled, if not, click order to proceed to adding this module to your package.


Bell Schedules Image 1


To configure and assign bell schedules, you will need to go to your Devices tab. 

Upon clicking on the Bell Schedules icon, you will be presented with both the bell schedule group, and the actual schedule itself found within the group. 


 Bell Schedules Image 2


To create a group, click on the Add button for the top portion of the window and enter in a name. One group can be assigned to a device at a time. 


Bell Schedules Image 3


To create the schedule needed for the bells to follow, click on Add for the bottom portion of the window to create a schedule which will fall under the group you have highlighted above. You will have the options to check whichever days throughout the week you want the bell to chime, as well as the time of day. The duration found in the bell schedule will determine how long the bell will chime.

NOTE: The time must be entered as 24 hour/military time

If you need the bell to ring multiples time in the day, you can create multiple bell schedules within the same group for different time values. 


Bell Schedules Image 4


You will then assign the bell schedule to a device. Go to Devices - Configure Devices and click Edit on the device you'd like to assign the bell schedule to. Once the device configuration window is open, go to the Advanced tab of the device and click on the drop down for Bell Schedule Group to choose the group you would like. Remember that if you want the bell to ring multiple times in one day, you will have to create the multiple schedules under the same group.