In order to create schedules for your employees, you will need to create shift groups and shifts. These will contain rules for lunches, breaks, and rounding time. To start creating shifts and shift groups, go to the Definitions - Shifts - Shifts and you will be presented by this window below. 


Shift Groups v Shifts Image 1


Shift Groups determine what kind of shift it will contain (such as flexible, fixed, or floater - see this article for more info), what rounding rules will be applied, and differential rates if applicable. Note that these variables will affect all the individual shifts within the group.


Shift Groups v Shifts Image 2


Shifts that are similar will be added to the same shift group. Once you have configured the shift group settings, click the lower Add button on the main shifts screen to add a shift to the shift group. If you are using floaters, any shift an employee can work must be in the same group. Otherwise you should group shifts according to what makes sense to you (sometimes a specific group of employees). For more information on adding shifts, see this article.


Shift Groups v Shifts Image 3